For those of you who don't know what it is, CMPT-272 is a course formally entitled _Formal Systems and Logic for Computer Science_. Basically, at the earlier stages, it consists of simple `p implies q` sorts of statements that basically make it, well, dull.

Or it would be, if it weren't for one of the more entertaining profs i've ever had for this sort of course.

Ron Weleshko is the head of the compsci department at GMCC. He's a pretty decent guy, Ron is, and he likes to bring a distinctly... topical flavour to the class that he teaches. Basically, his humour consists of political sniping at the range of the spectrum that i sit on, using examples from yesterday's headlines. That's not too surprising, because i don't run into a lot of people with government-subsidized jobs who think that taxes should go down. It just doesn't happen, most times. That being said, i think he could be a very pleasant teacher to have - i look forward to the class as the semester develops.

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