I want to second Char's mention of the Green Party of Canada's petition to be included in national debates. Political discourse in this country needs to include all of the parties that are in the running, even if they are just nascent entities on the political stage.

How are voters supposed to make informed choices, if all of the reasonable alternatives -- plus the NDP -- aren't allowed to present their platforms?

The Green Party is the first party I've seen that has ever given me reason to re-examine my fairly hard-line conservative bent. They're basically the other side of the coin, for me; where the Conservative party satisfies my sense of fiscal and civil responsibility, the Green Party emphasizes a fair number of intellectual property and personal freedom policies that I support, as well. It makes it a hard choice, and even more so because I live in one of the two ridings in Alberta that elects a Liberal, which brings my own personal distaste for strategic voting to the fore.

Let's just say I'm not 100% certain to vote Conservative this time around.

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