Poke and Prod

I read something the other day suggesting that I should post daily so that you, my loyal three readers, have something to do.

I got my hiring package from ACI Worldwide today, it's pretty nice. Decent money, although there are some provisions in the intellectual property paperwork that are giving me pause. I'll be asking about that tomorrow, hopefully, so that I can clear it up.

Other than that, I'm thinking I need to snap to it and work on databases -- I'm not doing so hot at it right now, and I really want to do well in that course.

Saw episode one of American Dad today. It's no Family Guy, but it was amusing. I predict a short run for it, though -- there's just not a lot of long term potential, in my opinion.

Anyway, Fritz is barking at me, clamouring for attention. I'd better obey.

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