Percolating desire

It's been trickling its way through my consciousness for a while now that I want an Apple computer.

Yes, yes... New toys, etc...

(Warning! Geek talk ahead!)

The fact of the matter is, especially as I use [Linux]( on my laptop more and more, I'm feeling more comfortable with the Unix/Linux OS setup for day to day use. I've even been wondering how well it would work on my desktop, which is -- for those that don't know my preferences as well -- a revolutionary event. Still, I'm finding fewer and fewer issues with it that I am unable to handle, and those that are concerns are becoming less important.

Still, with regards to my main desktop, due to its ubiquity there's certainly good reason to keep a Windows box running around the house. Also, I just spent a stupid amount of money on it, so it'd be awfully foolish to just up and toss it.

However, when it comes to mobility, I haven't been running windows since December, and frankly I don't miss it. Char does, but I think I may have worked around the last major objection she had to the Linux by getting [MS Office working]( on the box. It's amazing what some people can code up if they try. The thing is, though, that I'd like to give Char this laptop full time -- put Windows back on it, tune it and make it hum, and then just leave it completely. The problem with that is that having a laptop makes school phenomenally easier. The school lab systems are alright, but they're... dirty, a lot of the time, and they're often occupied. I'm not a fan. Having a laptop makes it possible, if not always easy, to work at school.

So, in that vein, I intend to save up for an [Apple Powerbook]( Not the ultra-high-end one, because I just don't need that in a laptop. But the 15" powerbook is reasonably-powered and, if not cheap, plausibly attainable with some scrimping. In a year or so, anyway. I don't expect this to happen overnight. And I have commitments to honour with regards to saving up a down payment on a house. But I'm putting this on the table as a savings goal so that I can prod myself with it every once in a while.

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