Pain and Suffering

What's new in my life?

See the above title, if you're really curious. Thanks to the wonders of the blind watchmaker, I'm enjoying the pleasant sensation of an evolutionary leftover sliding its way into my back molars. The uptick of this has been a fun little infection, and an upcoming bout with an overly expensive loss of mental acuity.

What could possibly be better? :)


If anyone is wondering, by the way, the reason the site was down last night and early today was _not_, as I had originally suspected, the fault of the server, but rather it was my fault for messing with the URL rewrite rules and generally causing a really nasty mess of both my site and :matt:'s.

This came about as a result of my upgrading the blog software on my site (not Matt's) to the bleeding edge CVS(Concurrent Versioning System) version of :wp:. It's not, per se, a fault of WordPress, let's just say that there are a few areas where they're not too swift about how they do their config file interface.

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