Oooh, pinups!

Well, I can't resist this one, at least for a while. Pinups!

Let's see -- Work is getting interesting, in the sense that I actually got to do some coding today that will be used, at least in the company. This makes me happy, since it means I'm not totally useless from day one :)

Mom got her new toy today, and is quite enamoured of the [little beastie]( That's one family member converted to Apple, and I haven't even owned one yet! Truth is, having used it, I think I'll like having one -- once I can afford it, that is. The mini is too dinky for my use, but it'll serve der mom quite nicely.

I miss [Char]( :(

Tomorrow is a friend's birthday party at a pub down near Whyte, at which I might even have a few drinks. This is madness! Softcore porn on the frontpage, Apples being used, and alcohol?!

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