One-sided conversations

Current events have, as i'm sure all of you know, gotten very interesting on the political and world-issues front. From the scrap over in Iraq, to the shrinking civil liberties in the US, to the intense anti-americanism that penetrates our national government, to my favourite people - anti-war protestors, of course! - there's no end to the number of interesting things going on in the world around me.

The problem is, i don't feel like talking about them. At least, not the way i usually do. Why? Because i'm missing my universal foil. Somehow, it's just not the same to yak about these things with even the more interesting and well-spoken/thought people in my life (To whomever is reading this: If you have ever talked with me about this, you're on the list).

So, i did something that i do pretty rarely the other day.. It may not have been all that much, but i attempted an apology/reconciliation with Jamie. At least, i tried one insofar as i feel i owe an apology, which only goes so far. (What's this about? [This](/backlog/2002/12/01/dot-dot-dot/)

Anyway, i sent off an e-mail that consisted, essentially, of "Well, i think you were a prick, but i was an asshole too, so here i am, apologizing for the ways in which i was an asshole"

Naturally, this came with the attendant verbal spew that i'm so good at :)

Consequent to this, i got a reply that i read as "Well, Chris, until you grovel before me and beg my forgiveness without qualifications, we don't have anything to talk about"

Imagine my amusement.

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