One on hold, a new one started

Well, that IDE project that has been languishing untouched on the sidebar for ages is about to get, well, turfed. Toast.

It's not that i don't think it's a good idea, it's just that i've gotten to the realization that before i start building development environments, i should learn how to develop first. In the spirit of that, i've picked a couple of projects closer to the realm of possibility.

One of the things i'm going to work on, since it's more reasonable, is a compiler for the D language. I'm going to write it in C++, which i'll be learning how to do this year at school. As such, this won't really start until probably late first term. The other thing, which i've already begun planning, is a complete rewrite of the classic game X-COM:UFO Defen[s|c]e written in Java, since i know Java pretty well now.

This might be the hardest thing i've ever tried. Whatever else i might be, i am NOT a game programmer. This is gonna be hard, not least because i don't know how to disassemble and reverse-engineer game data. Yet. If anyone reading this has the slightest idea how to do this sort of thing, let me know. please.

Until then, well, keep an eye on this page. Who knows, i might even be at alpha stages by next july :)

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