On Names, and Nano

This is a two-pronged posting:

### Domain name change

First, as you probably failed to notice when you clicked into the comments on the pages, there's a new name for this site, in terms of ways to get to it: [www.offby1.net](www.offby1.net). The old offlineblog.com address won't stop working, so worry not, but offby1.net is now the preferred URL, and all links on the site will point to it, as soon as I figure out how to walk my MySQL database and convert all of the old URLs.

### Anti-scientific idiocy

Second is a pointer to some more ludditism: The [New Internationalist](http://www.newint.org/), a newsmagazine recommended to me by [Char](http://xraystar.livejournal.com) is a mostly-interesting alternative view on the world; not one with which I agree on most points, but nonetheless a refreshing perspective, but subject to some of the common flaws of its kind, including [this example of total technological paranoia](http://www.newint.org/columns/currents/2006/12/01/nanotechnology/), calling for a small, but scary, symbol for nanotechnology, and demonstrating a complete inability to distinguish means from ends. This mini article is analogous to calling for a warning label on all products made with screwdrivers.

Why can't people pull their heads from their asses and ensure that they know what they're protesting? I want to ask if it's too much to ask for people to inform themselves, but the 'protest movement' is an adequate demonstration that I needn't bother; it _is_ too much to ask.

A choice quote:

> Yet invisible nanomaterials are already being used in our food, cosmetics, pesticides and
> clothing, even though they are not labelled and we do not know what their health and
> environmental impacts might be.


You do know that your "invisible nanomaterials" are completely indistinguishable from _atoms_, right? It's almost like (gasp!) matter is _entirely_ made up of some "invisible nanomaterials" whose characteristics are not completely understood.

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