On Inspiration

... and its polar opposite, of course. Because, if I were inspired at the moment, I'd be out _creating something_, as opposed to sitting here polishing up my mail server and posting this.

I'm looking at at least three programming projects that actively interest me right now. And yet, I can't bring myself to work on any of them. Nothing seems to make sense with any of them, they're just lines on a screen these days. I know that there's more there, but every single little snag seems insurmountable in this mood, and programming is all about overcoming the little snags, one at a time.

And nothing else is any better. As a sample of my attention span right now, I'm reading _The Neverending Story_ (sporadically), _The Diamond Age_ (almost done), the Chanur series, the Dark is Rising series, _Applied Cryptography_, and _A New Kind of Science_. And I'm playing both Neverwinter Nights and Doom 3. I don't have the mental tenacity of a peanut right now, and it's getting me down.

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