On again,

Finally, a working primary PC.

I've missed having this all going, and as such I plan to enjoy my newly-functional technological marvel. However, this weekend, at least, I have more old-fashioned plans on my docket. Specifically, I intend to read a bunch whilst curled up on the couch with my [Charling](http://www.livejournal.com/users/xraystar), who is returned from her travels.

I bought her a copy of the newest $HYPED_BOOK this morning, which she's going to read before I dive into it.

We're getting the house in shape to host a cocktail party of some kind, probably next week.

And, for those of you of the geekier persuasion, make a note: Using emacs as an editor at work is hazardous to your sanity when using any other kind of text editor, even something as basic as a text input field in a blogging page. I am _so_ used to the emacs keystrokes at this point that I'm seriously thinking of hunting down how to make it the default editor component in... everything. I blame my boss, whose tireless emacs evangelism -- combined with habit, and some damn nifty text tricks -- has gotten me hooked on the goddamned kitchen sink application.

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