Old times, new places

Went out to the bar last night, for the first time in ages. Okay, that's a bit misleading - i was working at the bar. Jenny(i?), who i suspect most of my readers don't know, has put together a fairly decent replacement for the now-completely-defunct spooky kid night that used to be the soft, gooey centre of the local goth/rivet scene. And, being that i've worked with her before, she asked me to do door/bouncer duties.

Hell, it's cash :)

So, for the first time in ages, i'm back "in the scene," as it were. Fun, fun, fun.

Honestly, though, i did have a good time. I was bored as all fsck, so i think i'm gonna bring a book in future, until it gets busy enough that i don't have time to get sick of it, but other than that, it's all good. Saw some people i haven't seen in ages, and the expected new faces, and the night looks - and sounds! - like it has a lot of promise. On a scene politics note, it appears that the longtime spooky DJ in town is pissed at the existence of this night, cos he's not involved. Kinda funny, really.

The highlight of the night, though, has to be the fact that i saw Jess again, whom i've much missed, and - contrary to my expectations, she wasn't pissed at me anymore. We got to sit down, talk, catch up, and it was good. I've missed that gal a lot. Apparently things are not good between her and Jamie (read: dead bad) and that's a shame, but it looks like she'll come out of it more or less okay, so that's good.

Not a lot else to report. I'm actually sitting down and poking at that IDE project that's been occupying space on my sidebar (look left, dear reader, as long as this is on the main page) for months, essentially statically, and i hope that i might have something to show for it soon.


Yep, that's it. What's new in all o yore lives? :)

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