The Christmas season is past, now begins the age of _Boxing Week_.

Scary thought, this, although Char is going out today with my mother to brave the hells that are malls and big-box stores in order to... You know what, i'm not even sure _what_ they're after.

At any rate, that's their lookout. Here's the rundown on the week so far:

Monday, we gorged ourselves on the rarest, bloodiest tenderloin steaks i've ever had. I could cut the blinkin' things with the _dull_ side of the knife. That, and they were so rare they might as well have been sushi. Good stuff :)

Tuesday was gorgery, pool, beer, and hanging out with a rarely-seen good friend. And Guiness.

Wednesday -- Christmas eve, for the date-impaired -- was spent with again, more pool, some shopping, some cleaning, some cooking, and a 4.5-lb prime rib roast that was devoured in its entirety by 5 people. As though it was never there. Then, hm... I honestly don't recall what we did next. I think it might have been something like "Drank some wine and fell asleep."

Christmas day dawns, and we get to the swag. Gifts all around, although some highlights were: Char _and_ Mom buying Char and I a digital camera. Char getting the complete Far Side collection from Dad. General gorgery on all our parts :)

Boxing day... Well, i'm not doing much of anything today, except getting the digital camera set up and figuring out how to post photos to the blog :)

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