Not so cool, but working.

So, [Char]('s and my refrigerator, purchased for the massive total of $50 when we moved into the current domicile, has bit the dust. As slangs for dying go, "reached room temperature" seems to be the best one for this situation.

Work is getting interesting. I can't be sure, because they may be humouring me, but I get the feeling I'm actually useful. Which is nice. $COMPANY itself doesn't seem to be a bad place to work, but the people here are really standout. I'm surrounded by knowledge -- which I can get at school -- and experience, which I cannot. I predict a good time here, moreso the more I get into it.

In other news, as per [Simon](, Die Nasty has come to a surrelalistic end this season. It'll be a good while before we get our weekly doses again. I look forward to it.

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