My 'Tolkien' attempts at humour

I've stumbled upon more than a couple of decent shots at Tolkien-related humour in the last few days, so i figured i'd share them with you all. Of course, most of the people reading my site are familiar with the *very* secret diaries kept by the Fellowship on their journey. What you may not have seen is the two, and soon to be more, new ones that have been recovered and posted to a livejournal - They are Aragorn's and Theoden's. Hey, if the content bothers you, just be glad it's not Slash fiction. (NSFW; What is 'Slash'?) (Basically, that last link is so that people don't claim i sent them without warning.)

Also of note is a posting on /. pointing out "What if someone else had written Tolkien?" to fairly amusing effect. There are such luminaries as Hemingway and T. Pratchett amongst the hypothetical writers. Though the originating page is currently down for the count, having been slashdotted into oblivion, a kind poster duplicated most, if not all, of the entries posted.

And, finally, for people who're tired of it all, i direct you to the Tolkien Sarcasm Page. Don't be a stranger, now!

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