Musings on the Modern Modus Operandi

This is a bit of a catch-all posting; I've been entertained by a few of the things I've seen recently, enraged by others, and figured I would pass on a few tidbits.

Seen on thursday evening in a restaurant: A little boy, probably a bit over one year old, starts to do that high-pitched attention-getter crying bit, and after a token effort at calming him by his father, the mother pulls out a _portable DVD player_ and sets it up on the table so that he can watch a TV show and shut the hell up.

Overheard this morning in a Starbucks: A couple having coffee together, both looking modern, professional, and stereotypically 'starbucky'... Talking about playing online RPGs, power-leveling, and gold farming.

In the news: A film, [Fitna](, that is -- as do so many things these days -- enraging the religious of the eastern world to the point of sputtering threats. Please note, "The Internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it."

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