Moving day

Not out of the house, but from one room to another. Ever moved three computers, two desks, a table, a shelving unit, and about 300lbs of assorted junk? And it was the computers that were the worst, by far. Both Char and i underestimated the time requirements here - it took waaaay longer than we planned for.

Think of it this way. Three computers, approximately 5-7 cables each, all tangled. Buried under/over desk legs, table legs, wrapped around each other, lying in slithering pools on the floor.. Well, not actually slithering, but you get the idea, i'm sure. It wasn't a lot of fun.

On the plus side, the new room arrangement allows me (relatively) easy access to the back side of the server and firewall, and to the main system, all the while keeping that damned 17" far enough away from the new 19" that i can use the cursed things at the same time. This is a good thing, i think... More digital stuff makes me a happy boy :)

And, i have the soothing sound of fans again - it's been 12 hours - i was going into withdrawal.

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