Moving again.

As seen over on [Char]('s weblog, we're moving again.

This time, though, it's to somewhere where we'll have our own kitchen :)

I'm a little freaked by the suddenness of the move -- we'll (possibly -- it could be as late as a month from now) be moving literally the day after tomorrow, which is... abrupt. Especially with the dearth of trucks available to us to do the moving. Fortunately, we don't have a lot of large furniture, but there's enough to render it ... awkward.

However, I'm happy to be about it. It'll be nice to get some space, and the [location]( is pretty nice, too. It's expensive, but it is downtown, which is... convenient. Don't be fooled by the picture -- there's no stairs in our suite, we're strictly flat :) Kickass balcony, though.

So, we'll be moving. It means no phone for a few days, if the move happens this weekend, so we'll be hard to reach. Email, as usual, though.

### Update

Well, it looks like moving will be delayed... one day. Monday, it is. Or next week, sometime. However, we're approved! Yay! We have a house!

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