More U foolery

Word back from the U of A has been slow in coming, and now that I've finally _gotten_ some kind of word, that word has turned out to be "Wait."


I'm sitting on a 5-day reprieve before I have to go out to Mayerthorpe and work my ass off all summer to pay to attend this institution. I am sitting on one A-, one A(from a course mark of 103%) and most likely at worst another couple of A-like marks and a b-ish. My classmates, companions in educations, screaming horde of braindead howler monkeys, whatever it is you would like to call them, are already selecting courses and making plans. Talking to advisors. Getting places.

I am not. I am sitting on my ass here, bitching about this in my weblog, because _that's all i can do!!_ I am angered beyond words by this state of affairs. I applied early specifically to avoid this mixed up state of affairs, and it is availing me nothing!

I am going to sit and read news and drink coffee now. Stay tuned for more anger later in the week.

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