More importantly...

image0This is something that bugs me a lot. And it's getting worse, as i see it.

Today is Remembrance Day.

This isn't just another long weekend, more stat hours, or another day off of school. This is something important. This matters. On this day, we remember all the men and women who fell protecting us and our freedoms from the actions of evil men. Millions of soliders gave their lives so that we, their descendants, should be able to live free.

And my generation has the gall, the sheer, staggering audacity to ignore - and worse, mock! - that sacrifice. My grandfather fought in WWII. It's not something that he talks about, and i can well imagine why. From what i know, he doesn't attend the veterans' parades every year, nor does he dwell on the years he spent in Europe. But i know he's aware of it, and - knowing the pride that he has - i'd be willing to bet it bothers him that so many people of my age simply don't see the point to this holiday.

At Jamie's concert last night, before his last song, he spoke up about this, and this is one of the rare areas where James and i are in full agreement. His take was that we, as a group, were there and able to enjoy the music and performances that night because more than fifty years ago, these men and women whose memories we honour today gave their lives to protect us.

And some dumb shit in the audience yelled "Fuck that!" in response. I was in awe...

Who the hell is this person, what right does he have, knowing nothing of what he derides, to mock the spirit of Remembrance day. All he had to do, assuming he was unable to find the wisdom in himself to respect the dead of the great wars, was remain silent. God knows, that's all that most of my generation is capable of.

My generation disgusts me.

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