/me cries

I was going to resist...

I've got more consoles now than I've had in my life (Char with her PS2, PS1, and GC, me with my Xbox and Wii) but god **damn** it, [this Bioshock demo](http://communities.canada.com/shareit/blogs/gamesnews/archive/2007/08/13/bioshock-demo-surfaces-on-xbox-live.aspx) is going to suck me in, I just know it.

Of course it's coming out for the PC, where I have to reboot to play.

I think I might run Windows for a while. Just until the shakes end.

Or I'll buy a goddamned 360, not because I believe in it as a platform, but because playing the sequel to System Shock 2 is, actually, worth $700 to me. Yes, it was that good.

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