Nothing on internet censorship (note: If you're on a Canadian ISP and reading this, there are now sites blocked for all Canadians. Right now they're kiddie porn only... but it's a short step from that to deciding other sites are _objectionable_ and blockable. Your ISP -- the one you _pay to provide you with internet access_ -- is doing this. Respond as you will).

What I'm actually posting on is an excellent [interview with Maynard James Keenan]( (of Tool) at the Onion AV Club.

The quote that really got me is this one:

>All I can do is say I smell a rat. I don't know where it is or what kind of rat it is, but as an artist,
>I can express how [I feel about it]. But I couldn't responsibly stand up and tell people which way to go,
>because then I'm just as guilty as the people who are telling everybody else what to do and where to

He's quite a guy, one with whom I've no doubt that I could argue for days.

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