I think it's time that I resurrect this feature of the site. I'm not spending enough time writing nice things about nice people, and that's a shame. So, without further ado...

Matt is...


No, seriously. There aren't many people with whom I can disagree, and come out of the discussion in a mood for compromise. This isn't a unique thing, either, constrained to a single topic. I like the opportunity to debate things that have meaning and importance, and then to jump seamlessly to a scatological punfest.

Which is a kickass bonus, too: Puns. Literacy is a gift wasted on those that do not use their powers for evil. Matt's not one of those.

He, and his wife Amy (who is bound to end up considered in this manner at some future, more energetic time) are universally welcoming, enjoyable company, always a pleasure to feed or be fed by, whenever our respective crowded schedules can be made to get together (Aside: Farscape?! ;) )

It's a good, complete package: Sci-fi geek, gamer, music maven. Literate, articulate, and sociable. I like to think we have enough in common to weather our minor differences.

Kind of an aside: More than even Aaron, this was difficult to write (I started this post almost a month ago), and I think I know why. It feels odd to make explicit the feelings I have for my close friends, as though the profession of true affection is somehow invasive, or impolite. I suspect this is part of a reserve that is trained into people of our culture from a very young age, maybe just men, teaching us that it is a kind of weakness to divulge the value of our close emotional ties.

I'd like to rid myself of this flaw; I like being able to state my real feelings, even if inchoate and not particularly articulate.

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