Looking Out for my Rights

After reading about some disturbing events in the US detailing the arrest and mistreatment of citizens whose only apparent crime was the recording of police activity (see here, with discussion here, and here, with discussion here), I'm interested in looking out for my _own_ rights in that respect, as a Canadian citizen.

I've realized that much of what I expect to be true in my interactions with the Police is informed by my consumption of US media, where, for example, there _are_ property rights enshrined in the constitution, and the 4th amendment exists. Here in Canada, neither of those things are true.

I'm not so much interested in what the practical rights are, but rather what my _legal_ rights are.

I've contacted the CCLA (Canadian Civil Liberties Association) on the subject, and will be posting this to Ask MetaFilter later this evening (Update: Did so, it's at the other end of this link), so follow along as I try to find out what my rights are.

Maybe I'll get lucky, and actually learn something.

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