Links on the sidebar

I've mentioned these before, and someone who read the site indicated that they wished they could comment on the quotes... or the links, i suppose.

I hope the links were interesting too, since they're the first part of the site to get this treatment, but here's how it works: The links on the main page are now commentable. They're the same as any other entry on the blog, but they only show up in the sidebar. As i understand it, the link shown should change pretty much every time the main page is rebuilt - ie: When a new comment is posted to an entry on the front page. Hopefully that's how it works, don't quote me on this :)

Quote commenting should be up within the next few days, so keep an eye open. I'm having some fun modding the site a bit... Though i'm not touching the design, after the last time... (/me shudders theatrically)

Comments !