Lest their sacrifices be forgotten.

Poppy and barbed wireBecause too many people choose to forget.

Because it's not fashionable to remember.

Because of the people who died to protect the freedom to mock them.

Because my grandfather fought in the war.

Because history, when forgotten, lends itself to repetition.

Because evil resists pithy slogans and protests, and requires that good men take up arms to oust it.

Because I feel that remembrance is the very least we can offer to those who fought, bled, and died for us, and for Europe, and for the German people, and for Russia, and for Italy, and for Dieppe, and for Juno, and for every other story, every other place, every other liberation.

Because the wall came down and the curtain was drawn back.

Because taking up arms in the defense of freedom is an action for the greater good.

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