K2, or Everest?

I've gone and set myself a monumental task, by any standard, i think.

The other day, as i was investigating a new programming language called "D" - for those programmers amongst you, you might catch the subtle "C++" reference, and for the rest, it's not really all that funny anyway - and i became aware that the language badly lacked development tools. Specifically, an IDE. So, being the sort of geek that I am, i decided that i would build one.

This is not exactly a small task, it seems.

The programming world is littered with the remains of crappy IDEs. Granted, it's not easy to make one at all, but it's a whole hell of a lot easier to make a shitty one than it is to make a good one. Relatively speaking, at any rate. So, i'm in the process of trying to learn how all the basic stuff comes together for this sort of project and get started on it, but it's pretty difficult, since there's not a lot of out-and-out information on the subject in the places that i normally look for such things.

Still, it oughta be interesting. When i brought the idea up with my profs at GMCC, i was dismayed to find out that not one of the CompSci people i spoke to - four of the five professors so far - had ever looked into this branch of the craft at all, and as such couldn't help me. I did get one positive gleam, though - Nick Lehtola, my CMPT115 prof, said that the idea was a great one, and that he'd see about getting me credit for it for the course, if possible. Which is cool.

In other news, work on the WinAMP plugin has stalled pretty thoroughly. Not a lot i can bring myself to do on it at the moment.

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