Just Chilling

It's a pretty nice evening here. I'm sitting on the couch in the living room, Char just beside me reading her Dark Tower book and Ivan on my lap.

I don't have to get up in the morning, and I have plans to get some quality geeking in when I do.

The weather is windy and cloudy, threatening rain.

I saw the Bourne Supremacy tonight, and other than a strong desire to throttle the cinematographer, it was excellent, tense and fast and exciting.

The book that I'm reading... Okay, _one_ of the books that I'm reading is about Faerie and it's really nifty. Anyone that likes fantasy should really read Tad Williams' _The War of the Flowers_ at their soonest convenience.

Amongst the other books that I'm reading is Neal Stephenson's _The Diamond Age_, which looks to be an interesting take on the cyberpunk idiom, and Bruce Schneier's _Applied Cryptography_ -- required reading for any cryptonuts in the crowd.

Right now, I am relaxed. And life is good.

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