Johnny Slappleseed

Don't mind the name; it's kind of an inside joke.

So, being typically a couple of days behind the curve on the Daily Show viewing, I just got around to seeing the episode that aired on 28 Feb, and it had a "Back in Black" segment that dealt with -- among other things -- [Daniel Radcliffe]( appearing in [Equus](, which includes a full-frontal nude scene, and is not a play for the kiddies.

So, some dumb bint on a news program referring to this event trotted out the same old crap I hear every time any connection -- however tenuous -- is made between the world of media for children and things that adults are ostensibly capable of understanding: "her young son saw these pictures televised, and he was really confused. Isn't there a danger here?"

My response: Stop Breeding.

Seriously, just bloody _stop_, already. If the mechanics of reproduction are confusing and dangerous, _stop using them_. We don't want more of that bloody attitude anyway, and really, you're probably too insecure to be good in bed anyway. Here's a tip, though: If the idea of an actor stepping outside of _your_ comfort zone is _dangerous_, you need to grow the fuck up. I can't emphasize this enough.

God damn, this angers me. Your confusion, you pathetic excuses for parents and human beings, should not be projected onto your children, whose only confusion comes from wondering why their parents are all flustered whenever they ask about any part of their bodies in between the tops of their thighs and their navels.


Okay, I'm just being incoherent here. I'll stop now.

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