It's official.

Shades of Pepsi Blue, but I'm taking the plunge: After years of pretty consistent Wintel dominance on my desktop, this week I take the final step away from it and, assuming that I get sent to EclipseCon 2006, buy a Mac. A Macbook, to be specific.

Ye gods, that name sucks.

However, the hardware doesn't. It's faster than the machine I'm writing this from, which is no slouch, and it has everything I want in a computer: Unix underpinnings, a nice, useable GUI, and a unified hardware/software configuration supported by one vendor, to whom I can complain if something fucks up.

This is gonna be great.

(As a side note, this might not happen until September. On the other hand, it might happen next month. Depends on if the Umbrella Corporation approves my trip to Santa Clara. We'll see, I guess)

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