It's key.

So, I just attended my first-ever keynote presentations, yesterday and this morning.  I can already see that there's a lot of variation in delivery styles and value of content.  Yesterday had Joel Spolsky going over the importance of glitz in software development.  This is something I personally see a use for, but will admittedly be of limited use to my workplace software development, given that we develop the buried backend that makes the pretty output, not the output itself.

Today I was treated to what was, by and large, a discussion on the Apache project and differences in licensing models.  The former was a bit interesting -- I didn't know Apache had a database -- but the latter was, at best, dull.  Licensing is interesting, don't get me wrong, but I already know the basics of it, and it borders on religious for most people -- they're not going to change preferences based on a keynote.

An aside:  For the record, "LAN spigot" is the stupidest name for an RJ-45 outlet I've heard in ages (overheard just to my right, moments ago).

Well, the presentation I'm attending is about to start, so I should probably pay attention.  Later...

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