It's been a bit

As usual...

Seems to be a slow week in the weblogging world, though -- [Simon]( is still the most prolific of us, and even he's slowed down some. [Char]( is posting at her usual rate, which sits somewhere in between glacial, and molasses on same. All told, well, we're busy and boring ;)

In general, though, there hasn't been a lot to report. I'm busy at work, doing lots of hacking on the deployment tools we use to set our product up for end users. Of course, that last is a bit misleading -- our "end users" are, in fact, banks and secondary service providers who resell the use of our software to yet a third tier of customers. It's a very different software model from the ones that I'm used to. Technically, the 'users' of our application are, themselves, programmers. It's a bit of a relief, in fact.

At home, I've decided that I want to acquire some skill in another [scripting language](, so I'm going to write an AI sudoku solver. This shouldn't be too hard -- we're talking pretty basic stuff, in my view. Hopefully, the process of writing the solver will make me better at the game itself. Thankfully, [Gnome]( on [Ubuntu]( comes with a good Sudoku game.

That's it, really. I'm reading the last chronicles of Thomas Covenant, too, although I'll have to be patient, as book two isn't on the shelves yet, but other than that I've just worked, and read slashdot. Oh, and I saw Serenity. Which kicked my ass four ways from sunday. It was great, great, great!


Aren't you all glad I broke my silence, now?

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