I spent almost 8 hours yesterday fighting with what _should_ have been a ridiculously simple algorithm for [heuristic search]( that steadfastly refused to come together. After damn near pitching the laptop through a wall in sheer frustration, I sat down, ripped out the whole of the algorithm and started over, changing some assumptions.

Contrary to the name of the site, I was *not* off by one in any of my calculations -- That's an error that is, thankfully, largely behind me. However, I had been approaching the problem with one assumption that didn't hold for the search, and it cost me. Now, though, all is well on the western front and I think I even feel better.

What's more, my ongoing PC troubles are going to be history as of today, as it seems that my new box shipped with all of its components, contrary to expectations, and should be arriving on my doorstep today! W00t!

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