Interstate Leaning

Assholes. Not all of them, nor in all ways, but it's pretty significant in one respect.

What the hell am i talking about?

First, some background.

One thing: I don't think that anyone can accuse me of being blindly anti-american. I wouldn't say that i agree completely with either their national policies or their culture, but on the whole i'd say they've been a net positive influence on the ways and workings of the world.

Another thing: I am not a drug user. I've had sufficient experience with them to know that i'm not against them, but - especially in the specific instance i'm going to refer to - i don't make a habit of use. In this case, i never touch the stuff.

Now that i've gotten the grounds set, here's what i'm talking about: A CBC article quoting US officials on *Canadian* drug policy. (via MeFi)

Does anyone else see the problem here? I'm really not sure what i can say in response to this. I mean, i knew it was coming sooner or later. All this wacky talk about wacky tabbacky was bound to draw some noise from the folks down south, but in the form of active diplomatic threats? "You can't wall this off saying, 'We're only talking about a little cannabis.' Our experience is they come together like the Four Horsemen," [Murray] said. What the hell?! Since when is marijuana a harbinger of the apocalypse?

That's not really the issue in my books, though. One of my fundamental tenets of ethics is that force is not an acceptable persuasive tool (something i fail to adhere to 100%, but it is a goal) Among the others is the idea that there is no action that is unethical when enacted by an individual that becomes right when committed by a group. When a nation, like the US is here, leans on another in order to force moral compliance, using veiled threats of changed relationships with the rest of the world, in addition to the foolishness that will inevitably result on the US-Canada border, i get pretty irked.

Okay, so i'll retract the initial ad hominem attack. They're not assholes. But i stand by this: The US government is demonstrating a depressing lack of ethical behaviour in this issue, and i hope someone with a louder voice than i chooses to say something about it.

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