Infotainment Glut

A story on Wired News entitled "Stop Trying to Persuade Us" should be required reading for advertising execs.

The only problem is, this is not a grassroots "we're sick of this shit" story, but rather a reasoned objection to the current state of affairs. I guess it's actually even a bit less than that -- It's pretty much the shell of an argument. Entertainment as information itself.


The "See also" column on it is interesting too -- articles like "Preaching to the Anti-Corp Choir":,1412,63704,00.html and my personal favourite, "Ads that Annoy Also Succeed":,1367,64807,00.html, which worries me a bit (as soon as I'm done posting this, I'm off to read that. Ironic, isn't it?)

I've managed to insulate myself from the consumer culture a bit by cutting television out of my mental diet, or at least television with commercials. But even I feel burnt out by the world of ads. I know they serve a purpose, but if only they were _informative_, rather than persuasive. People are much easier to persuade than they are to inform, so why bother?


This is just making me cranky, and my iPod is coming back from servicing today, so I'd rather be in a good mood.

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