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Looking back over the year just past, i'll be the first to admit there's been a staggering amount of fascinating news, but there have been some things happening in the world that touched me more than the rest.

Make no mistake, the amount of death and suffering, mismanagement, untruth, and warfare worldwide has not passed unnoticed. And the steady erosion of individual freedoms and societal liberties has been bothering me from day one.

But there were some things this year that touched me especially.

First and foremost, on a small scale, i passed my first year of my CS program with great marks, earned my first post-secondary scholarship, and began the second year of said studies.

Second, Char and i moved. Although there are still outstanding issues both with the new house, which are being resolved, and with the old house, which are... annoying, the move has been such a good thing. Our new landlord is great, and we look forward to staying here a good, long time.

Third, and now moving to a larger scale, the third part of the Lord of the Rings came out, and i was just... awed. It was so beautiful, so perfect. Who would have thought that a story of that scope and ambition could have been brought to the screen so well and so fully, leaving my imagination _stimulated_, not stifled by it.

And fourth, if i had to choose one news item that truly was significant to me, there was this:

![Godspeed, Columbia](/images/godspeed_columbia-jeff_parker.gif)

Let us not forget that the men and women that take to the stars do so at incredible risk to themselves. And let us not fail the ones who die reaching by declining to stand upon their shoulders and reach higher.

#### PS...

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