In other news...

School is coming up on its end at a furious rate. Finals start tuesday, and after thursday, i don't have to ever deal w/ English again - provided i pass the damned course, at any rate.

Here's a roundup:

- There's MATH115 - Calculus. Woo! I'm not looking forward to this one, but it has to be done. All in all, i'll probably do alright with it.
- Then, there's ENGL101 - my nemesis, as far as courses go. To be done with soon, and there will be much rejoicing. Much.
- Next up, now in no particular order, is CHEM102. Oh, joy. Feel my glee. I expect a high 80 on this one, but that is subject to change with little warning.
- CMPT115. Do i really have to comment?
- And CMPT272. All in all, i'll have to call this one my fave course for the year. I'm sad that it's over. But all will be well in the future, since i get more and more fun stuff to learn as i advance :)

Here, now, is what i have to look forward to for next year:

In the math realm, i have two applied probability courses, STAT221 and STAT222. I don't imagine that these are going to be a lot of fun, but they will be useful. I'm in the process of trying to bend the prerequisite requirements for another one of my courses to accept these. Also in math, i get to re-take Linear Algerbra I (MATH125), though in an honours form instead of the regular level, and i am also taking Linear Algebra II. These courses are probably going to be the hardest ones i have, because i have always had difficulties getting the concepts of LA straight in my head :/

My other 'optional' courses are, oddly enough to anyone who knows me, going to be PSYC104 for certain, and PSYC258 if i can get the prerequisites waived. The further i go in the degree, the more i see the need for picking a direction, and man-machine interface design is one of the areas that i would like to study. In preparation for that, i'm taking introductory psych (104) and cognitive psych (258). The problem comes with 258, since it lists STAT151 as a requirement, and i don't have it. I'm hoping to convince the U of A psych department that stats 221 and 222 will give me enough STAT to pass muster, but they're not answering their e-mail at the moment.

Now, on to the fun stuff :)

CMPT201: This is the basic codemonkey course. Here, at last, i get to learn how to code in C++, how to read makefiles, how to build apps for unix systems. It's gonna be fun, and it's apparently one of the harder programming courses i'll ever get to take. Which is, of course, why it'll be fun :)

CMPT204: Algorithms. Apparently, for all of the numerical misordering, 204 is essentially a continuation of 272. As i've said in conversations with my classmates, 272 is the heart of computer science, and as i see it, 204 is the computer side of 272. This course matters, and it matters a lot. When i've finished it, i will be more clear on how to do some of the tasks that await me in my personal IDE project.

CMPT229: Machine architecture is the engineering course for CompSci. Here's the circuits, here's how to speak in binary, etc... A requirement, but not my cup of tea. Luckily, the prof is Nick, and Nick's a lot of fun.

CMPT291: The meat and potatoes course. If i forgo a master's degree, this course is probably going to be the one that makes the most difference in my wage when i leave school. Databases are everywhere, and right now, everyone needs to know how to use them. Sadly, that's all this course teaches. Me, i'd rather be learning how to write databases :)

So, there's the new year. Anyone other than me (okay, and Simon) think this'll be fun? ;)

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