I'll be out of touch.

For the next couple of days, I'll be ... difficult to reach.

The usual e-mail will get to me, but not necessarily as fast, and in the evenings... Nothing. I'll be internet-less until the 11th, which sucks the big one, but at least I can get my mail at work.

It turns out we have a short window to have both the moving truck and the elevator at the new location. As a consequence, we're going to be doing a crash-packing of the truck starting at about 1 PM, when I get it to the house, and trying to get _everything_ into the new place by 4 PM, when we have to give up the elevator. Needless to say, it'll be a challenge. So, if anyone reading this can make it, and knows where we live, and wants to lend a hand, do. Please. However, I won't read it on here -- right after this, I'm taking down the desk, and the computer...

So ... Thanks, in advance, to the helpers. The usual Pizza + Beer payout applies, of course.

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