Idle thoughts

While my hands have not been overly idle -- I've been worked like a dog, really -- I've had a bit of time walking to and from the office to do some thinking.

Just this past week I've been reflecting on urban art. Graffitti, to strip the politically-correct faux-couture veneer from it, and be more precise. What I was thinking was.. Edmonton has some damned fine graffiti artists. Oh, they're in the minority, don't get me wrong, but they're out there and they do some really nice things with a can of spray paint and a loose grasp on property rights. The best ones I've seen, in general, have been the stencil-painted works showing up on bus benches, power ... thingies, and the like. One particularly arresting one is a stencil of Hunter S. Thompson that was sprayed so thickly that the paint ran down like streams of blood around his face and name and "RIP." Oddly mournful, but very nice.

The other thought I was having, and that just this morning, is that Edmonton is a beautiful city. Really, it's quite pretty. It's not epic, or grand, or quaint, but is rather just... right. It has big places, and fancy ones, and it has the river valley. It has the Rossdale power plant, and the High Level bridge. Steel and glass towers, old brick warehouses.

Just a nice city to be in.

Did I mention that I'm in a ridiculously good mood of late?

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