Idle hands

Sitting here, alternating between idle web browsing, reading Amber novels, and dozing on the couch...

My life is pretty easy this weekend, despite the lingering aftereffects of a nasty cold that I've had all week that has left me with headaches, poor sleep, and a sense that the world is passing me by in a grey haze. I got some housework done, although not too much. I'm lazy, after all.

In school-related news, I'm working on a Perl CGI app for an assignment. It means that I get to write code in what is effectively a write-only language -- Perl is legendarily difficult to read -- and generally do a bunch of web-hackery in an old-fashioned sort of tool. I'm more of a Java fan, myself, but this does the trick, I guess.

I didn't get to go jumping today, because the fog outside combined with a sense that I needed to get some laundry done to keep me home.

I want to build something, damn it -- I want to have a project to put together that has a defined scope, a real purpose, and is small enough that I can make a realisitic start to it. I had idle dreams of remaking a game, but I'm not that hardcore, and can't be arsed to become that hardcore. My other project ran up against limitations in the known information about the iTunes library format. All of which leave me with a periodic need to have an itch to scratch.


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