I talked to Wesley!

Wesley Crusher gets interviewed in the Onion - it's hard to go wrong right there... But reading the interview gets me to thinking - Wil Wheaton is something of a celebrityon the net - one of the few Hollywood names that is open to the public - he even has a (quite nice) blog of his very own. And so, i pop over to it - i've been there before, and i'm impressed with the writing on it. So, i drop him an e-mail telling him so, commenting on the site, and asking what he thinks of my WinAMP plugin... And he liked it! (note to my readers - unlike many of the ST:TNG fans i know of - and i am an ex-fan, at any rate - i liked Wesley)

So, this is my brush with celebrity. Who knew? It's pretty cool, that's for sure - and if any of the people reading this are into the blog community, by all means check his site out.

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