I am too.

One of the posters over at "tacitus":http://www.tacitus.org/ has posted a touching little commentary on the recent bombings in Spain. Entitled "I'm Just Embarrassed", it's a rebuke to people whose concerns remain trivial in the face of active attacks on both their way of life and their persons.

Basically, it's an (unlikely to succeed) attempt at a wake-up call. Unlikely to succeed, because the people at whom it's directed are flatly unable to bring themselves to think the way that he's asking them to. I'll admit, for all that I'm more hawkish than most people I know, even I forget sometimes that -- just by _being alive_ and living where I do -- I am a target as much as anyone else. The threat isn't such that I accept infringements on my freedom without question, and in fact I tend not to accept them at all. But the threat is such that I feel a fair amount of aggravation towards people who insist on ascribing blame for these attacks not on the ones planting the bombs, but _on the victims_ who simply had the misfortune of being born in better places to live.

Good read, essentially. Do check it out.

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