How Will You React?

What's next?

We've all heard about the [shootings at Virginia Tech](, and now more information is going to come out, leading to a wave of media speculation, blog postings (my bad), and calls for emotionally-driven action.

So, how will you react?

Will you use this incident as a stalking horse for your issue of choice, as the gun-control and pro-gun lobbies are doing?

Will you demand immediate, emotion-fueled legislation aimed at preventing another event _just like this_, forgetting that almost every other tragedy will be very little like this one?

Will you point your finger at everyone, demanding that someone who is alive and can _feel_ your revenge take some part of the fall?

Will you forget, next time, that none of the quick fixes you demanded this time made a difference?

Will you remember that we live in the safest, least-violent epoch in human history, with lower violent crime rates and murder rates than humanity has enjoyed at any time in history?

Will you glue yourself to the television, to WikiPedia, to Metafilter, to Google News, to Little Green Footballs, to the Virginia Tech website, to CNN, NBC, CBS, and Fox, thereby providing validation to those that would use their homicidal urges as a cry for attention?

Will you make no difference at all?

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