Honestly Academic

There comes a time, i think, in everyone's experience where one has to make a choice between confilicting ethical judgements. For example, try this one on:

It's come to my attention, by various means, that there are people in one of my classes this year who've decided that they don't really need to follow the "one person, one assignment" rule that typically defines solo projects. But no.

Instead, these kids have decided that the project we've been given is too hard for only one person, and have determined that the only way to do it is to work in teams.


So... I know that these people are cheating. And i know that i'm offended by it. what do i do now? I'm more than a bit inclined to bring this to the attention of the prof...

And there's the conflict. I've learned through years of abuse that ratting out on people doesn't get you anywhere, and is in itself an ethical position. But ... I can't really argue much in favour of this, since it's, well, not a very good ethical position.


I think perhaps making this one clear and open to the prof might be the best course after all...

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