Hola, all

Well, shit. Another week, another dry spell on the blog.

Actually, two weeks. My, how time flies...

So, I was in Omaha for a week doing some integration work for the team, taking the opportunity afforded by proximity to get some grotty little details hammered out and hopefully to sell my southern compatriots on the value of the tools we make up here. I _think_ I was successful, but I haven't heard a lot out of them this week (mainly because I've skipped the morning meetings, being disinclined to lean too heavily on the good graces of my carpooling coworker).

This past week...

Well, I've got a new respect for (and fear of) character set encodings. And, if you wonder what that means, there's A) wikipedia and B) wikipedia.

Suffice to say it's hellish, but I believe that the end is nigh. I think I've got the very worst of it nailed, and I hope to be on to something less nightmarish next week.

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