Hitches and Glitches and 22,000 feet travelled at speed

What a weekend!

Starting from the moment we arrived at the drop zone to the very end, it was all good, all the time.

Let's see, a tally:

- [Simon](http://www.livejournal.com/users/vernondalhart/) got his full AFF solo certification. Now, when he jumps the only instructors he _needs_ are on the ground.
- Miranda is (probably just now) landing her AFF IV jump, where she does more turning and generally having a grand ole' time in the air.
- [Matt](http://www.offlineblog.com/mildillson/) and [Amy](http://lashingtail.blogspot.com/) both did their first jumps, and second ones this weekend. Massive kudos to Amy for her excellent landing on jump 2.
- Beau also got his ass out of a plane on day 1, standing his first landing and doing a great job. Addicted? Uh... Yeah, I think so.
- Mom jumped tandem from 12,000 feet, and we have video. She goes head down for the first bit, and the shots are phenomenal. When I see pics, I'm so scanning them and showing those here.

Not to mention, I also did two free falls. Both were AFF II jumps, which is mainly because I buggered up the first one badly enough that I had to repeat it. The second one was smooth, though, and I felt just fine flying through the air. Level III is next, although it's going to be a bit.

Then, there's the best part. [Char](http://www.livejournal.com/users/xraystar), my Char, who is scared of high stairs, not to mention crowding and all, got into a plane with 6 other people, and strapped herself to one, and jumped from a plane!

I swear, I just about exploded with pride when she landed. The [bragging rights](http://www.livejournal.com/users/xraystar/22254.html) for this one are all hers, but I can't help but be so damned proud of her. I can imagine few things that are braver than that, and _what_ a smile!

I loved my jumps. But I think seeing her land it was the best part of the weekend. Go, Char!

In closing, the meek are welcome to the earth. The sky, however, is _ours_!

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