Hey, guess what!

I'm not dead, after all.

Yes, yes... I'm lazy. It seems that I start a lot of posts with apologies for the silence.


Well, there's not a lot to bring up, really. My company just held its annual kick-off meeting, which amounted to a half-day of meetings followed by a problem at a client's site that required all but one developer to skip the rest of it. Myself included. It was a satisfying day, though -- the lunch served was delicious.

Other than that, I was almost tapped for some business travel, but the trouble I would have been shooting up and expired on its own. I hope that I'll see some travel over the course of the internship, and Steve has suggested that he'll put me on the shortlist for travel.

I finally put a dent in the [CRONOMETER](http://cronometer.sourceforge.net/) work that I was dawdling on.

In other news: Not news, really, but a link to another friend of mine is going in the sidebar. Warning. He's geekier than the rest put togeth... okay, no. He fits right in: [M. Edwards](http://www.walledcity.ca/~medwards/blog)

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