Approaching Health in a New Way

Metafilter has linked an article about the rising costs of healthcare in the USA, one that -- like several things I've read recently -- raises some uncomfortable questions about privately-insured healthcare. Feel free to read it and ... well, it's interesting.

A notable quote in it: "I'm beginning to think that running a risk-pool that actually protects its members and running a risk-pool for profit are diametrically opposed endeavors."

Against my better judgement, I might be forced to come to agree with this idea. I'm trying to figure out a way to reconcile the profit motive with the goal of managing risk for things like healthcare that bear such a high cost and are so heavily used, and I can't really find a way to do so.

Is it maybe that socialized medicare works better? I don't know, but it needs thinking about. I do know that the healthcare system we have in Canada is not sustainable, but I don't know what should replace it. I think that eventually what is going to have to happen is some hard questions about what is covered are going to be asked, or else the system will collapse under its own weight. One idea, from someone with whom I routinely disagree, is here.

But I find myself hoping that we don't go into US-style healthcare anymore, which is ... new.

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