Head in ass syndrome

So, got my midterm for Math 115 back today. Uh, shit. Yeah, it was that bad. I think i just got used to coasting, and did so with this exam too. To my detriment. Anyway, it's not the end of the world, but i'm not impressed with my 72% mark on the test.

At least i'm not the only one. The class average was, apparently, abysmal. My only saving point was that, after one student who got 96%, i'm failry sure i'm the second-highest mark in the class. So, here's to not fscking this one up next time.

In other news, everyone, two important dates coming up - tomorrow it's Char's birthday, and ten days after that is our two-year anniversary. I must confess, i'm impressed :)

So, well-wishes are good, and those of you that know her address, mail her a happy b-day!

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