Hard drive and hard drinking

Woke up this morning having recovered nearly 100% from the partying last night. Sure, it was out of character for me, but every once in a while it pays to be a bit less moderate. Missed some people that should have been there, but all told a [good time](http://www.livejournal.com/users/vernondalhart/112341.html) was had.

The time was not so good this morning, however. I woke up to a clicking noise coming from my new hard drive (the one that [Char](http://www.livejournal.com/users/xraystar) bought me for my music) and essentially a dead drive with little to no hope of recovery.


I take the damnable piece of cack back to [BCom](http://www.bcom.ab.ca/) and they check it out and it works fine there. So I bring it home, and lo and behold, it works like a damned charm!

I'm not too trusting of it at this point, though, which tells me that maybe -- dud or no -- I need to investigate a newer drive. I'm starting to think that it's gonna end up being a problem elsewhere in the PC -- it's plausible that the hard drive controller itself is b0rked. Not a happy thought, that.

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